Our Story

How it all started...

Southeast Alabama Baptist Association began in 1885 as Columbia Baptist Association with 13 churches. They formed for the purpose of doing missions together. Through the years the Association grew as churches were added Associational staff was called and facilities were expanded.

In 2016 the now 51 churches, voted to change the name to Southeast Alabama Baptist Association. It was felt this better represented the primary areas of ministry. 

Expanding the vision...

In 2021 a team of 7 pastors and associational staff began meeting several times monthly for the purpose of evaluating the future direction of the Association. Over a period of 18 months this team agreed the future of the association was about relationships. We are continually seeking was to strengthen these relationships among staff and laity. We believe as these relationship are strenthened around the Gospel, we will have healthy churches resulting in a healthy Association

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